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Spicy Cheese Burger

(Choice of Cheddar or Queso Cheese)

Tom's Original

(only chili and slaw)

Mushroom & Swiss

(Choice of Cheddar or Queso Cheese)

Bacon Chicken

(Choice of Cheddar or Queso Cheese)

Spicy Chicken

(only chili and slaw)

Big Bird

(Choice of Cheddar or Queso Cheese)

Hot Mess

(Choice of Cheddar or Queso Cheese)

Ham & Cheese

(only chili and slaw)

Big Al's

(Choice of Cheddar or Queso Cheese)
Since 1961

Tom’s has served over 14,000,000 hot dogs with its smoky chili. Always homemade to order, Tom’s now has 2 additional chili sauces. Tom’s Original, Jr.’s, and Spicy Chili.

Tom's Original Chili,

this flavorful homemade smoky chili sauce has been around and served to customers for over 60 years. Tom’s Spicy Chili, is what it says, SPICY!!! This spicy chili sauce is flavored with over a dozen ingredients including a variety of hot peppers, thus giving this sauce its fiery flavor. Jr.’s chili, this NEW chili sauce is more of a traditional household or southern chili flavor. This chili is flavored with over 8 flavorful ingredients. 

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor......

These three mouth watering chili flavors give the flavor variety for any hot dog lover's taste.




Onion Rings

Cheesy Fries

Chili Cheese Fries



Fountain Soda




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